About Us

Erith Horticulture first opened its wholesaling doors in 2004 and has been sailing forward ever since. We serve hundreds of shops all over the UK and Europe, and we always promise 100% satisfaction from our service. Our inventory is fully stocked with products that will assist your customers with their everyday growing needs. 

It’s only right that our award-winning products are managed by the greatest horticultural sales team ever – period. 

How to order

Firstly, you will have to open an account with us, this is mandatory. 

No account, means no sale.

To open an account with us, pick up the phone and call us on:

020 8311 6111 

or email us at 


and we will email you the necessary documents.


Our Product Catalogue is still being designed 

ETA Spring 2019

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We hope you get in touch with us soon!